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i thought of the book on the drive home tonight, from this.

right now, someone is dying
someone is being born
someone is breathing in
while someone else exhales
someone is falling in love
someone is having their heartbroken
a nerd is asking a cheerleader out
she's saying no
she's saying yes
they're dating
he's breaking up with her for being shallow
they're getting married
someone is going to work
while someone else comes home
someone is on stage
someone is waiting in the wings
someones life is ending
while someone elses is just beginning
people are starving to death
and willingly
A man is standing on his second story porch staring in at his house
he and his wife are fighting
he is jumping off the roof
he is realizing its not high enough to kill himself
she is coming out the front door to get him
they are sitting at their kitchen table with the lights off eating fried chicken
and knowing
knowing their marriage is different now
someone is reading the bible
someone is crying
someone is laughing
someone is doing both
someone just found out they didn't get the part in the play they really needed
someone else just got their first lead ever
someone in the suburbs wants to kill himself
While a destitute little boy would kill for a life 1/100 as good as his
someone is getting married
someone is getting divorced
someone is speaking
someone is listening
A baby is being aborted
A pregnancy is beginning
A crime is being committed
A life is being saved
One million people are having sex
500,000 people are enjoying it
Someone is waking up
someone is just falling asleep
someone is praying
A couple is getting together
A couple is breaking up
Someone is moving on
someone is meeting the love of their life
Someone is deciding what they want to do with theirs
Someone is starting college
someone is graduating
someone is retiring
someone is starting work
someone is learning
Someone is growing and dying simultaneously
Someone is dying
Someone is living.

Someone is living.
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