x Beautyless Corpse x (facethetruth513) wrote in wefelt_infinite,
x Beautyless Corpse x

please let's not let this community die...

to all members!

as Your Mod, I have one things to say. this community means the world to me. and as a result of that, it hurts me to see this community dying. and I know that I'm really one to talk, because I've LET it die...I haven't been here as much as I should have and I haven't been contributing my two-cents or any cents at all, and I haven't really been watching this community with a careful eye...it's my fault that it's slipping, but in the spirit of Perks, let's keep this community alive, because I need this, and I don't think that I'm the only one here who does...

oh, and a happy belated birthday to Charlie...and to everybody in this community who has a had a recent birthday...
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