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I'm a Perks-Whore

Name: Lara K.
Age: 15
Location: Gaffney, SC :(
Date of Birth: 3-26-90
Favorite line in Perks:
And he called it "Absolutely Nothing"
Because that's what it was really all about
And he gave himself an A
and a slash on each damned wrist
And he hung it on the bathroom door
because this time he didn't think
he could reach the kitchen.

I know it's a really long quote, but I love the poem

Favorite character: I guess Sam...and I know lotsa people say that, but she's amazing
Would You say that You are more Rad or more Lame?: well, I wish I was rad, simply because rad is a way cooler word than lame.  but...yeah, I'm lame
Is Perks Your favorite book?: would I apply here if it wasn't?
Three pictures of Yourself:

Random pictures(optional):

How did You hear about this community?: erin's lj, erin, I can't quite remember your username.

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