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wefelt_infinite's Journal

The Perks of Being A Wallflower
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
-You must be a Perks fan.
For one thing.
--No putting others down.
---Only Perks related posts.
----You must post an application.
-----After You post Your application,
You can't post until You are accepted.
------If You are accepted,
if I assign You to make a Lame or Rad sign,
feel honored,
and please do it.
I need the help.
-------If You are accepted and I assign You to make an icon,
please do it.
--------You must promote the community,
this is only so that we can get it out there and get more members.

Application Information
-You must answer all of the questions in the application.
--Post at least three pictures of Yourself and then any random pictures that You want. I'm a picture-whore.
---You must be accepted before You can make anymore entries.
----The first 15 members are auto-accepted. But still need to be told that they are accepted.
-----To prove that You read all of this, post the subject as "I'm a Perks-Whore" and make the LJ-Cut read: Perks is my Bible.
------All applications must be under an LJ cut.
-------If You are not one of the first 15, You must be voted in. Three yes' get You in. Five no's keep You out.
Good luck.

Date of Birth:
Favorite line in Perks:
Favorite character:
Would You say that You are more Rad or more Lame?:
Is Perks Your favorite book?:
Three pictures of Yourself:
Random pictures(optional):
How did You hear about this community?:

What we're about:
Well the community exists for fellow Perks fans who want to discuss the book,
books like it,
and even post Your own icons and banners and signs(it must refer to the book in some way.)

And feel free to post pictures if they somehow remind You of a part in the book.
State the part, and how that part made You feel.
State what You were feeling when You took the picture.

Your Mod
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
I'm Kada and I'm Your Mod.
You will obey me. : )
I've been a fan of the book for quite some time,
probably around when it came out.
I actually heard about it through my friends Gabby and Holly.
So I really owe them actually.

Accept and Reject

Promotion Pictures

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Made by spoonsrus.